5 Affordable Gifts for Pets
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5 Affordable Gifts for Pets

Posted on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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iStock_000011190367XSmallPlanning on gifting something special to your pets? The good news is you don’t have an expensive list to work off of, and the even better news is that we’ve found some ultra-affordable gifts for your best friend. After searching the internet we’ve come up with these 5 gifts for your pets that are all $10 or under:

1. For the Dog with a Dirty Mouth

We’re not joking, this treat actually is for a dog with a dirty mouth. If you purchase the NutriDent Complete Mini Dental Chews you can trick your dog into thinking they’re getting a treat, when they’re actually cleaning their mouth! This ultra affordable gift, which costs (depending on the size of your dog) between $9.59-$27.99, has natural ingredients that are highly digestible and is proven to be better than brushing your dog’s teeth once a week.

2. For the Catnip Fiend

This affordable gift is for the catnip fiend in your household. Now you can buy an all natural catnip toy that your feline friend will go wild for! The Pawbreakers All Natural Catnip Toy will provide plenty of entertainment and snacking for only $3.19-$7.99! This treat is 100% edible, is completely safe for your cat, contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and is made with all natural ingredients.

3. For the Bird LoverĀ 

Save on one of Petco’s best sellers for birds toys! Get the Petco Ladder with Toys Bird Toy Value Pack for a measly $2.79! With this gift you’ll get a trio of Petco’s most popular styles of toys that’ll spark your bird’s imagination and activity.

4. For the Holiday Lover

Now your pets can join in with their own festive apparel! Get seasonally themed collars for both your cat and dog! Head over to Petco’s holiday section for cats to get an adorable WhiskerCity Jingle Neckwear for your feline friend for only $3.49! Or head over ot the Petco holiday section for dogs to get a Disney PetHoliday Bow Scrunchie for just $6.49!

5. For the Playful Pup

Here is a toy that’ll keep you and your pup or dog occupied for hours! Get this already marked down Grreat Choice Rope Tennis Dumbell while it lasts for only $2.79 at Petsmart! The toy features two tennis balls connected by rope which you can use to play tug-of-war, fetch, or whatever creative games you can think of!

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