4 Trick-Or-Treating Essentials to Bring
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4 Trick-Or-Treating Essentials to Bring

Posted on Friday, October 25th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Whether you're a trick-or-treater yourself or you're taking the kids out for an adventure, there are some essentials you should definitely bring! Who isn’t excited for Halloween?! Festive costumes, loads of candy, fun decorations, and, last but not least, trick-or-treating! Whether you’re a trick-or-treater yourself or you’re taking the kids out for an adventure, there are some essentials you should definitely bring to ensure everyone has a safe, comfortable, and fun time.

4 Items to Bring While Trick-or-Treating

1. A Snack and Water!

No one likes a grumpy trick-or-treater or parent! We do realize you’ll be collecting candy all night, but it might not be the healthiest or the most nutritious idea to snack on it all night long. Pack some fruit or veggies to keep up your ¬†energy while you’re making your way through the neighborhoods. Keep some water handy for yourself and your children too. Dehydration can not only be dangerous, but it’ll definitely make you or your children uncomfortable and grumpy!

2. A Flashlight or Glowsticks!

Visibility on Halloween is key. There will be plenty of walking and crossing streets, so make sure no one is put in danger by drivers.  Increasing your own visibility is one way of keeping everyone safe. Carry a flashlight, glow sticks, or wear bright colors when trick-or-treating.  Furthermore, if you put a glowstick on your trick-or-treaters you can more easily identify them if you get stuck in a crowd of costumes.

3. First Aid Kit!

With all the excitement that Halloween brings there is sure to be some accidents or tripping throughout the night. Make sure your child’s scrapes or falls don’t end the night for everyone else. Bring a small first aid kit with you just in case an accident happens so you can make repairs while on the go!

4. Comfortable Shoes and Warm Clothing!

It’s right around this time of year that the temperatures drop and the weather changes. Since trick-or-treating happens in the evening and at night it would be a smart idea to wear warm clothing, or bring some extra along with you. In addition to warm clothes be sure to wear comfortable shoes. It is tempting to go all out for Halloween with outrageous costumes, but if you’re uncomfortable that’ll surely put a damper on the trick-or-treating fun. Make sure you’ll be warm enough and comfortable enough to trek around your town for candy!


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