4 Last-Minute Easy Halloween Costume Ideas
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4 Last-Minute Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted on Monday, October 28th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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With Halloween right around the corner not all of us have a costume ready, but you need not worry. We've come up with some easy last-minute costumes! Some of us aren’t the best at planning ahead and that is totally fine! With Halloween right around the corner not all of us have a costume ready, but you need not worry. We’ve come up with some easy last-minute costume ideas that you can put together with whatever you have lying around the house.

4 Last-Minute Costumes

1. Static Cling

This costume is super easy and just requires some dryer sheets, clean clothing, and tape or pins. You’ll want to wear either light or dark  clothing to create the most contrast for this costume. Simply tape or pin your dryer sheets and excess clothing (like socks or a shirt) all over what you’re wearing. This costume will make it seem like your fresh laundry is statically clinging to yourself.

2. Nudist On Strike

This costume idea is probably one of the easiest and requires the least amount of effort. Take a piece of cardboard or paper and write “Nudist On Strike” and make a sign out of it. Wear what you normally do everyday and place your sign over your clothes. Boom, instant funny costume!

3. Ceiling Fan

Have some pom poms lying around? For this costume you’ll need a plain white shirt, some tape or a sharpie, and some pom poms. On your shirt write “Ceiling Fan” with your sharpie or tape. Then you’ll want to carry your pom poms around all night so it looks like you’re the ceiling’s #1 fan!

4. Tourist

We’ve all seen those obvious tourists around. They’ve got the fanny packs, the high socks, the massive unfolded map. Really, the list is endless. Fortunately for you this is an easy and recognizable costume. Just pull together all the stuff you normally see on a tourist and where it all! If you’re having trouble thinking of what to wear we’ve got some ideas: high-waisted shorts, a polo, sunglasses, a fanny pack, a holster for your water bottle, an unfolded map, binoculars, sneakers, high socks, a backpack, etc.

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