4 Alternative Uses for Candy
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4 Alternative Uses for Candy

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Halloween CandySo it looks like you’ve survived Halloween and somehow accumulated approximately 5 tons of new candy. As hard as your children (in addition to the rest of the family) might try, it is nearly impossible to get through all of the Halloween candy. That’s where these alternative uses for candy come in. Instead of throwing away all the goodies you won’t eat, check out these ideas for using your candy in different ways:

1. Garnishing Gingerbread Houses

Thinking ahead never hurt anyone! If your kids collected candy you know no one will eat try setting it aside. When the holiday season rolls around and the annual gingerbread house it built you’ll have the perfect decorations to add some pizzazz to your festive decorations.  Candy corn, M&Ms, Skittles and Milk Duds really do work wonders!

2. Decorating Baked Goods and Baking with Candy

Now that the holiday season has started up you’ll definitely be doing a lot more baking. Ensure your goodies don’t fall flat decoration wise by spicing them up with your favorite candy! Surprisingly, you can theme any baked good to fit the season with your favorite Halloween candy! For example, dress up your favorite sugar cookie and make it Thanksgiving themed by making a turkey cookie decorated with candy corn! Or, if you’d like to incorporate your candy from scratch, check out our blog Turn Leftover Halloween Candy into Tastier Treats.

3. Stocking Stuffers, Gift Jars, and Advent Calendars

Using Halloween candy for holiday treats or gifts is a must. Not only does candy make a great stocking stuffer, but you can turn it into an entire gift for those that have a major sweet tooth! Simply grab a mason jar, decorate it, fill it to the brim with the recipient’s favorite candy, and top it off with a lid! Boom, instant gift! Another way to repurpose  your Halloween candy is by creating an advent calendar with it. Instead of purchasing a ready-made calendar with chocolate inside try making your own from scratch and using Halloween candy as a treat! If you need some inspiration on how to create your own check out HGTV’s ideas here.

4. Trade-Ins and Buy Backs

If you’re positive that your family won’t plow their way through all of your Halloween candy you can trade it in for healthier treats or gift cards. Participating dentists “buy back” Halloween candy via coupons, gift cards, toothbrushes, etc. via the Halloween Candy Buyback Program.  This way your candy won’t go to waste and you can get a treat the entire family can use and enjoy!


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