30 Easy Ways to Save on Groceries
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30 Easy Ways to Save on Groceries

Posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 at 2:12 pm
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Do you want to quickly cut your grocery bill in half? Combine the following 30 different easy ways to save on groceries, and you’ll quickly see a real difference in your food bill.

  1. Establish a grocery budget and keep all of your receipts. This will keep you on track and away from expensive impulse purchases.
  2. Plan your meals based on what is on sale that week.
  3. Buy extra and stock up on good deals when they occur.
  4. On weeks that are low on deals, cook and eat from your pantry.
  5. Keep a price book so you know when prices are at their lowest.
  6. Match sales with coupons to get the best deals.
  7. Avoid buying something you won’t use just because you have a coupon.
  8. Always check unit prices.
  9. Shop generic and store brands.
  10. Buy in bulk.
  11. Cook in bulk and freeze an extra meal or two for later.
  12. For low cost produce, join a CSA or grow a garden.
  13. Shop when you can take your time.
  14. If you can, shop without the kids (or spouse) who may add things to the cart.
  15. Check the front and the back of your grocery store sales flyer first. This is where the “loss leaders,” the rock bottom sales, are found.
  16. Always buy in season. Strawberries are at their most expensive in the winter.
  17. Be flexible with brands so you can respond to the best deal.
  18. Take advantage of dollar and discount stores for many items.
  19. Do the drugstore deals.
  20. Use coupons on trial or travel sizes to get them free.
  21. Shop at stores that double or triple coupons.
  22. Find a bakery thrift store for amazing prices on bread, cookies, snacks and more.
  23. Shop the day old or clearance cart of your grocery store.
  24. Grab seasonal groceries a day or two after the holiday, for example paper towels with holiday prints after Christmas, Easter candy after Easter.
  25. Send in rebates.
  26. Shop multiple stores for deals or take advantage of price matching.
  27. Sign up for store cards so you can get the deals and the rewards.
  28. Limit the number of shopping trips you make.
  29. Print coupons online.
  30. Get multiple copies of Sunday insert coupons.

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