3 Tips for Repairing Broken Beauty Products
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3 Tips for Repairing Broken Beauty Products

Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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We're all about the frugal lifestyle, and one way we save big is by getting the most out of all our beauty products. Here at Freecoupons.com we’re all about the frugal lifestyle, and one way we save big is by getting the most out of all our beauty products. This is especially true when we’ve decided to invest in quality products (ahem, every Sephora purchase ever made). The real problem is getting every last drop out of our favorite products even after we’ve damaged or broken them! Because we’ve all accidentally dropped our favorite compact or damaged a lipstick (or two) we found some easy fixes to repair your favorite beauty products.

How to Repair Beauty Products

1. Broken Compacts

You’ve been there. Putting on your makeup in a rush to get out the door and you accidentally drop your favorite blush or face powder. Not only is one of your favorite product shattered, but anywhere from $10-$20 worth of product is gone too! As it turns out you’re wrong! Pick up your shattered powder and place it back into your compact. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to your shattered powder and use a knife, we recommend a butter knife, to smooth your powder back int shape. If this fix doesn’t do the job try repurposing your product into a loose powder. Find an empty jar and place your shattered powder in said jar. If your pieces aren’t loose enough to use as powder be sure to smash your product into smaller pieces and apply with a brush.

2. Clogged Hair-Spray

Can’t get your favorite hairspray out of the bottle? No problem. Resin, the ingredient that gives hairspray a hold over your hair, usually gets caught in the nozzle of the hairspray which prevents your product from getting out of the bottle. One way to get the resin out of the nozzle is to hold it under warm water and use a toothpick, or something similar, to remove the resin gunk from your hairspray nozzle. Be sure to remove any excess residue from the bottle too!

3. Broken Lipsticks

Have you accidentally left a lipstick and the car and come back to a mess in a tube? ¬†Instead of throwing away your favorite shade we’ve got a couple of ideas for you. Take the product stuck in the cap of your lipstick and place it back into the bullet of your lipstick. Instead of using your lipstick in the traditional manner you’ll want to apply your product with a lip brush instead. And if this method isn’t to your liking try putting your product in a small jar or pot. Next you’ll want to take your hair dryer and heat up the product. Your lipstick should melt and conform the shape of the container.

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