Your Kohl's Account May Have Been Hacked
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Your Kohl’s Account May Have Been Hacked

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2016 at 2:29 pm
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Kohl's LogoHave you noticed something strange happening with your Kohl’s account? Did a large box from Kohl’s, that you did not order, arrive at your door? There is a chance that the reason for this mysterious delivery is because your Kohl’s account has been hacked.

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of having someone steal our credit card information, and then use it to go on an expensive shopping spree. It can be frustrating to have to call your credit card company, dispute the charge, and wait for things to get resolved.

When a thief steals someone else’s credit card number, they are doing it so they can get free stuff. They use your credit card (instead of their own) in the hopes that they will not get caught. Some of them will get caught, and some will not. Either way, the innocent credit card holder is stuck trying to clean up the mess.

Strangely, the thieves who are hacking Kohl’s accounts are not trying to immediately get free stuff (that is paid for by an unfortunate stranger). Instead, the thief hacks into someone else’s Kohl’s account and uses it to order products from the Kohl’s website with that person’s Kohl’s credit card number. The thief doesn’t keep the products, though. He or she has the products shipped to the home of the person whose Kohl’s account he hacked.

The person doesn’t know that their Kohl’s account has been hacked until after those products arrive at their door. The thieves are selecting big, bulky, items. In some cases, the thief orders things like strollers, car seats and multiple baby cribs that are sent to one address. Or, the thief might order an entire box filled with dozens of men’s shirts.

Why would someone hack a Kohl’s account and then use it to send random bulky items to a stranger? The answer is an unexpected one. The thieves are trying to obtain Kohl’s Cash. The thief is “gaming the system” for their own advantage.

Kohl’s Cash is earned when a person makes a purchase at a Kohl’s store or kiosk, or online, during special events. The amount of money a person spends is what determines the amount of Kohl’s Cash they will get. They have to use it soon, because Kohl’s Cash has an expiration date.

The scammers buy expensive bulky items so that the account they hacked into will earn Kohl’s Cash. The size of the items makes it difficult for a person to return them to a Kohl’s store. This gives the thief time to use the Kohl’s Cash on things for themselves.

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