Why Your Newspaper Didn't Have Black Friday Coupons
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Why Your Newspaper Didn’t Have Black Friday Coupons

Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 7:00 am
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newspaper-couponsBlack Friday is, without a doubt, the biggest, most anticipated, shopping event of the entire year. In addition to the sales, there are special coupons that are only found in newspaper inserts. Did your newspaper lack those coupons this year?

According to ABC News, advertisers release loads of coupons for Black Friday. Those coupons are worth thousands of dollars in savings. This batch of newspaper inserts is the biggest one of the entire year.

This year, people who purchased a newspaper on the day the huge batch of coupons was included as an insert were disappointed. The coupon inserts that they wanted, that were their main reason for buying the paper, were missing. Thieves rushed in early in the morning, stole the coupon inserts, and left the newspapers on the stands.

There are some people who get so excited about couponing that they are willing to “dumpster dive” in search of coupons. They go through newspapers that someone else purchased, read, and recycled in the hopes that the coupons will still be there. The Black Friday coupon thieves decided to steal the coupon inserts before anyone had the opportunity to buy the newspapers.

These kinds of behaviors are considered to be coupon fraud. It is illegal to take the coupons out of a newspaper that you did not purchase. Taking any part of a newspaper – including the coupon inserts – is stealing. Some stores watch their newsstands closely and will prosecute coupon thieves.

What can you do to prevent thieves from stealing the coupon inserts from your newspaper? The easiest way to ensure that your newspaper always contains the coupon inserts that it is supposed to have is to buy a subscription. Have the paper delivered to your door.

Paying for a newspaper subscription has a benefit that many people don’t know about. If the paper arrives at your door without the coupon inserts, you can take it to the newspaper’s office. They will do the best they can to replace the ads that were missing from your copy.

Buy your newspaper from a store that keeps all the newspapers behind the counter. You will have to get in line, wait for your turn, and immediately buy the paper from the cashier. These extra steps deter coupon thieves. They also prevent people from grabbing a paper and reading it for free while they sit in a cafe.

Are you about to buy a newspaper from an unattended stand in a store? Before you purchase it, check to see if the coupon inserts are still inside. If not, let the store manager know that someone stole the coupons. If enough people complain, the store might start putting newspapers behind the registers.

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