Which Stores Have their Own Coupons?
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Which Stores have their Own Coupons?

Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Here is a list of stores that offer their very own coupons. There are also tips on how to finding coupons for stores that aren't on the list.It isn’t always easy to figure out if the store you want to shop at will accept the coupon that you are holding in your hand. Coupon policies can change without notice. Many stores have instituted rather severe rules about exactly what kinds of coupons they will let you use. The only thing you can be certain of is that a store will accept its own coupons (unless the coupon is expired).

Which Stores Have Store Coupons

Typically, you will need to sign up with the stores loyalty program in order to access store coupons. Doing so will allow you to see the coupons, to print them out, and perhaps even to digitally load them onto your store loyalty card. Here is a quick list of stores that have their own coupons.

* BJ’s Wholesale Club
* Costco
* Food 4 Less
* Food Lion
* Fred Meyer
* Fresh & Easy
* Giant Foods
* Harris Teeter
* Ingles Markets
* Kmart
* Kroger
* Lowes Foods
* Michaels
* Meijer
* Pavilions
* Publix
* Ralphs
* Safeway
* Sears
* Target
* Toys R Us
* Vons
* Walgreens
* Walmart
* Whole Foods Market
* Winn-Dixie

Didn’t see your favorite store in this list? Here are some quick ways to discover whether or not the store you are thinking of offers its own store coupons:

* Visit the store’s website. Type “coupons” into the search engine that is located on the website. The store’s coupons should pop up (if they exist). Don’t be discouraged if you are brought to a page that wants you to sign up before you can access the store coupons. That is normal now!

* Ask a manager at your favorite store whether or not they have store coupons. He or she should know the answer to that question! The manager should also be able to teach you how to find the coupons that are located on the store’s website.

* If all else fails, sign up for the store’s email. Many stores have begun to restrict access of their store coupons to customers who have signed up for their email. Typically, agreeing to receive their email will result in at least a coupon of coupons appearing in your inbox. Those coupons are intended for you to use (and you will not be able to share them with someone else).

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