Where to Find Free Father's Day Coloring Sheets
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Where to Find Free Father’s Day Coloring Sheets

Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Need a quick and easy craft for your child to make as a Father's Day gift?  Try one of these free, printable, Father's Day coloring sheets.Looking for a really easy craft that kids can make as a Father’s Day gift? Try some of these Father’s Day themed coloring sheets! You can print them out for free (as many times as you like). These are great for really little kids who are too small to sign a Father’s Day card.

Father’s Day Coloring Pages

At Crayola.com
* Backyard Picnic is a coloring sheet that shows a family celebrating Father’s Day with a backyard cookout. The dad is wearing an apron that says “#1 Dad” and is cooking food on the grill. Mom gives him a hug, and the kids are eating at a picnic table.

* Celebration for Dad is a coloring sheet that features a dad (wearing office clothes and a tie) who is holding up a trophy that says “#1 Dad”. Balloons and confetti rain down upon him. Behind him is a banner that says “Happy Father’s Day”.

* Daddy Bear is another free Father’s Day coloring page from Crayola.com. This one shows a little bear who is wearing a t-shirt and handing her father a rose. Daddy Bear, who is wearing a tie, is sitting next to his cub (and patting her on the head).

At DisneyFamily.com
* Mickey and Pluto Father’s Day Coloring Page features, as you might expect, Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Mickey has just cooked some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, and has tripped over Pluto’s dog bowl. The food goes into the air, and Pluto is ready to catch it! At the top, it says “Happy Father’s Day”.

At ColoringCastle.com
* Daddy Heart is the simplest Father’s Day coloring page design you will ever find. It is a giant heart that says “Daddy” in big letters on it. This one would be great for little kids to color for Dad.

* Happy Father’s Day shows a drawing of a striped tie (of the type that many dads wear to work). The page says “Happy Father’s Day!” in big letters.

At NickJr.com
* Dora’s Printable Father’s Day Card shows a drawing of Dora and her father. It is already colored in. The coloring page has dashed lines that direct a child to fold it. On the inside, it says “Te amo, Papi!” (which means “I love you, Daddy!” in English). A child could color the flowers on the card.

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