Where to Find Different Types of Coupons
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Where to Find Different Types of Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Coupons are everywhere!  You just have to know where to look for them.  Here are some tips to help you find different types of coupons.Years ago, the best way to find a coupon was look at the inserts in the Sunday paper. Today, there are different kinds of coupons that can be found all over the place! Before you can use them (and save money) you have to be able to find them. Here is a quick list to make finding coupons a bit easier.

Blinkies: Go to the grocery store and look for small machines that have blinking lights on them. They will be attached to shelves or the outside of freezer doors. They dispense coupons. Take one.

Catalinas: The cashier will hand these to you after you make your purchase. They print out of a machine that is located by the cash register. Use them on your next grocery shopping trip.

Digital Coupons: Find these on the website for your favorite grocery store. Digital coupons can be added directly to your loyalty card. They automatically get used when you make your purchase at the store. These are also called eCoupons or Electronic Coupons.

Facebook: The popular social media website has plenty of coupons. Visit the page of your favorite brands and click “like”. Watch for their special offers and coupons.  We highlight many of these deals our own Facebook page!

Mail: Sometimes, when you sign up with certain manufacturer websites, they will send you coupons in the mail. You can also find coupons from Valpak in your mail. Scan through the “junk mail” before you recycle it.  Coupons in the Mail: some tips for getting them here!

Peelies: Look closely at the packages you pick up before you toss them into the grocery cart. There could be a coupon stuck on them! Let the cashier peel it off for you.

Printables: Find these coupons on the website for a particular store (such as Target). Or, visit a website ours FreeCoupons.com that has tons of coupon that can be used almost anywhere. Pick the ones you want. Print them out of your printer. Make sure that the printer is on before you hit “print”!

Sunday Inserts: Find these coupons in the advertisement papers that have been stuffed into the Sunday edition of your local newspaper. Use scissors to cut them out. Don’t forget to bring them to the store with you.  See our Sunday Insert Preview to plan your couponing trips!

Tearpads: Sometimes, there will be a small pad of paper sitting near a product at the store. Each page has a coupon. The coupons in a tearpad are all the same. You only need to tear off one.

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