When Should You Pay Full Price?
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When Should You Pay Full Price?

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 at 4:51 pm
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Everyone loves to save money with coupons and sales. There are times when you really should pay full price for something.People who frequently use coupons are doing it because it is a way to save money. Extreme couponers take this concept and run with it. It is obviously important to save money, but there are situations where you really should pay full price.

When to Pay Full Price

When You Need to Buy Staples
The foods that your family most frequently uses are called “staples”. For many families, these include things like milk, eggs, and bread. It’s great when you can save money on these foods with a coupon or when there is a sale.

When the sale is over, and you don’t have a coupon, you should pay full price for the staples your family needs. Your family can’t really do without those foods. It’s normal for prices on these foods to fluctuate, so you will get to buy them for less than full price again in the future.

When You Love a Specific Brand
There are a lot of people who strongly prefer a specific brand of soda. That works out just fine when the preferred brand is on sale. Many grocery stores will have a special deal that makes a pack of soda cost less when you buy three or more packs.

Eventually, that special deal is going to end. If your family is not going to drink a different brand of soda, it won’t do you any good to buy a non-preferred brand, even if it is on sale. Foods that do not get consumed end up being a waste of money. You should pay full price for brand your family likes.

When Quality is the Most Important Thing
You’ve got a coupon for a brand of cheese that you don’t often use. When you read the ingredients, you discover that it contains a lot of stuff that you would prefer not to eat. There are other brands of cheese that have more natural ingredients, but you don’t have a coupon for any of them.

It is understandable that the quality of the ingredients in the food are important to you. In situations like this one, it is best to pay full price for “the good stuff”.

When Someone has Food Allergies
Is someone in your family allergic to dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, or wheat? There are now several products that are made without (at least some of) those ingredients.

Unfortunately, some (but not all) of the brands that are allergy-friendly tend to be more expensive than the “regular” version of the same food. It can be difficult to find coupons for these brands. You should pay full price for the allergy-free product that you, or a family member, can safely eat.

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