What to Look for at Summer Clearance Sales
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What to Look for at Summer Clearance Sales

Posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Ready to shop the summer clearance sales? Here is some advice about what to look for so that you will get the best deals and save money.Ready for the summer clearance sales? Some of them have already started. It can be very tempting to shop them and purchase a ton of stuff that catches your eye. To get the very best deals, however, you are going to need to stay sharp. Here are some tips about what to look for at the summer clearance sales.

Summer Toy Sales
It won’t be long before the department stores and toy stores start receiving their first batch of Christmas stock. It can arrive as early as the end of August! Now is a good time to purchase toys that you intend to give as Christmas gifts this December. Doing so can help you to stay within your budget for the holiday season.

Look for toys that your kids have asked for – but that were too expensive for you to immediately buy. Those items might be among the toys that are on sale now. Consider picking up some toys that you can donate to toy drives around Christmas time. Buy some “extras” to give out to nieces and nephews – just in case.

Summer Clothing Sales
There is a very useful question to ask yourself before you buy things from summer clothing sales. Can you wear it right now? Is the weather still hot and humid, or has it started cooling off as Autumn approaches? Ideally, you want to purchase clothes that you will wear before the summer ends.

Buy summer clothing and wear it now – and then store it away for next summer. There is a chance you will get more than one season’s wear out of it. Putting the sale items directly into storage can cause a few problems. You may not be the same size next summer that you are today. Styles could change dramatically between now and then. If you buy clothing, and never get to wear it, you aren’t really saving money.

For best results, make sure you take the time to try the clothing on. If it doesn’t fit you right now – leave it at the store. Many people make the mistake of buying clothes that they hope to fit into “someday”. Instead, choose items that fit well right now!

Summer Book Sales
Barnes & Noble has a summer sale every year. One way to get the best deals is to compare the price of the book in the store with the price that it is being sold for on the website. Don’t forget to consider the cost of shipping! Does Amazon have it for a better price? Would an ebook be less expensive?

Check the Bargain book section for the lowest prices. Summer is a good time to buy gift books that you will give away at Christmas time. Pick up some lovely “coffee table books” or hard cover copies of former best sellers.

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