What to Do If Your Store Doesn’t Double or Triple Coupons
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What to Do If Your Store Doesn’t Double or Triple Coupons

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 4:07 pm
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If your favorite grocery store does not double or triple coupons, then is it still worth doing all of that clipping? How can you get free items without doubling or tripling? Read on, I have some solutions.

First, be sure that your store really doesn’t double or triple coupons. Sometimes stores will double or triple on certain days, or they will offer coupons in their mailed flyers (but not their in-store flyers) that contain coupons that will allow you to double or triple manufacturer coupons.

Shop stores that have other offers, such as allowing you to combine manufacturer coupons or give you register rewards or rebates. Some stores that do this include Target and Meijer.

Pay more attention to loss leader sales. These are items that the store discounts heavily in order to get you in to the store (they are hoping that you will do all of your shopping there). Often combining a coupon with a loss leader will lead to free items.

Look for coupons that have a high face value. Since you don’t have to worry about doubling or tripling up to a certain amount, a high value coupon becomes even more valuable. Look for coupons that are $1 or more off (for people who have stores that double or triple up to $.99, a $.75 coupon is more valuable.

Focus on purchasing items that you would buy anyway. Even $.50 off something that you normally buy is another $.50 in your pocket.

Contact the store manager or headquarters to respectfully ask for a coupon policy change to allow for doubles or triples. You just might get what you ask for!

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