What Not to Buy at the Black Friday Sales
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What Not to Buy at the Black Friday Sales

Posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Decorative cosmetics and perfume.There are plenty of people who get really excited about the Black Friday sales. The combination of great deals and the rush to grab an item before the store runs out of them is thrilling for some. Keep in mind that there are some things that you shouldn’t buy at the Black Friday sales. Resist the urge to buy things simply because you can.

Pre-packaged Gift Sets
That pretty box that contains four different kinds of perfume, or a bunch of makeup, might sound like a great gift for someone you love. Be honest, though. Would you really consider those items to be a good gift if you saw it at any other time of year? Sometimes, the items in a pre-packaged gift set aren’t of the highest quality.

Before you buy a pre-packaged gift set, take a close look at it. Would your loved one really like this gift? Or, would she be happier with one bottle of her favorite perfume? Apply these types of questions before you grab a gift set off the shelf. Sometimes, the gift sets aren’t even on sale!

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday associated with chocolate! There are tons of Christmas chocolates, and other candies, to be found. You may see large displays of chocolate Santas, mint candies, and specialized “fancy” chocolates during the Black Friday sales.

Resist the urge to buy them. Yes, that box of chocolate might be a great gift for someone in your family. However, Christmas is still a month away! It’s too early to by chocolates as gifts now. Pick some up closer to Christmas. (They could be on sale then, too).

Gift Cards
Everyone knows that gift cards are the “go-to” gift. When in doubt, get that hard to shop for person a gift card. That doesn’t mean every gift card is going to be a good deal.

There is a good chance that a worker is going to go down the line at the register and ask everyone how many gift cards they need. Realize that this is a loaded question. The assumption is that you are in need of gift cards. If you weren’t planning on buying any, don’t fall for this trick.

Calenders start to go on sale the day after Christmas. Wait a bit longer, and the price will drop even lower. If your plan is to buy a calender for yourself, and you aren’t super picky about the style, you will get a better deal if you wait and buy it later. The only good reason to buy a calendar before Christmas is if you are giving it as a gift.

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