What Does Coupon Stacking Really Mean?
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What Does Coupon Stacking Really Mean?

Posted on Friday, March 28th, 2014 at 10:18 am
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If you're new to couponing, you've likely heard the term "stacking" coupons. It a concept that can confuse a new couponer but we can help you understand this very important concept.If you’re new to couponing, you’ve likely heard the term “stacking” coupons. It a concept that can certainly confuse a new couponer but hopefully we can help you understand this very important concept. “Stacking” simply means that you can use a specific coupon with another coupon on one item allowing you to save even more. It is the best way to save the most on the items you buy!

How to Stack Coupons

Stacking a Manufacturer Coupon with a Store Coupon

You can use one manufacturer coupon on one matching item. You’ll know it’s a manufacturer coupon because it will say “Manufacturer Coupon” along the top edge of the coupon. Many stores also offer their own Store Coupons. These are not manufacturer coupons, but coupons put out by a specific store for use only in that store. Many stores offer their own store coupons including Target, Safeway, Whole Foods, Publix, CVS and many more. You will typically find these on the store’s website, either as a digital coupon or a printable coupon. You will save the most at these stores when you can match up an on-sale item with a manufacturer coupon and store coupon – this is called DOUBLE Stacking. We’ll always tell you in our weekly coupon matchups too when you can do this!

4 Ways to Find Target Store Coupons

Target is great store for a couponer because they have so many ways to save. Target has 4 different places where you can get Store Coupons, and the store coupons are different in all four places.

  1. Target coupons can be found sometimes in your Sunday paper. You can see any current Sunday Insert Target coupons in our Coupon Database.
  2. You can print Target coupons from their website.
  3. You can sign up for Mobile Coupons . You will receive a text about once a week with that week’s newest coupons. Simply have the cashier scan the barcode linked to you in your text and the coupon’s value will come off of your transaction.
  4. Use Target’s Cartwheel app. Simply load the offers you want to purchase to your account. At checkout the cashier will need to scan the barcode either on your printed out offers list (found in your account online) or they can scan the barcode directly from your phone. The coupons’ values will come off your transaction.

Here’s the tricky part but fun part! Target’s Coupon Policy allows you to only use ONE of the above Store Coupon options with a manufacturer coupon on a single item. However, there is an exception. Cartwheel is consider a 3rd type of coupon that can be used on a single item, allowing what we call  TRIPLE Stacking. For example, if you buy a box of Kellogg’s cereal on sale for $2.00, you can use a manufacturer coupon on that item (ex. $.50 off a Kellogg’s cereal) + you can use either a printable Target Coupon or a Mobile coupon (ex. $.75 off a Kellogg’s cereal) + you can use a Target Cartwheel coupon (ex. 10% off a Kellogg’s purchase) = Final Price: $.55

Money-Back Apps

With the release of many new couponing apps, we now have another way to “stack” coupons. Money-back apps like Ibotta, Checkout51, and Shopmium (Use Referral Code: GYFMCAPU at signup) give you new offers each week that you can redeem  and get cash back. You can usually choose between being paid directly to your Paypal account or through gift cards. Ibotta works at many stores but not all stores yet and often has offers specific to one store only. Checkout51 and Shopmium allow you to purchase items at any store that you’d like. To earn cash back, you simply purchase the item in the offer, select the offer in your app, scan your receipt and wait for your cash back to arrive within a few hours. You can use any of these apps in addition to using a manufacturer coupon and store coupon on a single item. All of the apps are independent so if you’re lucky enough to see a deal on an item where each app offers a rebate on an item, you can submit your receipt for all 3 apps and get cash back 3 times! That doesn’t happen often, but you can be sure we’ll post about it when we see a deal like this come around.

Do you have a great deal you’ve found by stacking coupons? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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