Wegmans Glitch Resulted In Extra Coupon Emails
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Wegmans Glitch Resulted In Extra Coupon Emails

Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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WegmansA serious couponer’s wildest dream might be to have tons of digital coupons sent to their email from their favorite grocery store. Imagine the savings if you could use all those coupons in one trip! This event actually happened to some customers of Wegmans. It wasn’t what they were expecting.

Wegmans Food Markets introduced digital coupons last year. The program was designed to be easy to use, to help people save money, and to give people a better shopping experience.

The Wegmans digital coupon program did not require customers to have a smartphone. Customers could use their mobile device or their desktop computer to clip coupons digitally directly to their Shoppers Club account. Customers could browse coupons online. It appears that Wegmans sent out email to Shoppers Club account holders to alert them when new coupons were available.

Recently, a glitch in the Wegmans’ system sent duplicate emails to Wegmans Shoppers Club members. It wasn’t just a few emails, either. Some customers found that their inboxes had been filled with email from Wegmans. One customer posted on Twitter that she got 13 duplicate emails from Wegmans.

At first glance, this situation might sound like a couponer’s dream come true. Who doesn’t want lots and lots of easily accessible coupons? Unfortunately, the reality of what happened wasn’t quite what some people may have thought it would be. People wouldn’t actually be able to receive, and use, all those multiple digital coupons.

The verified Twitter account of Wegmans Food Markets apologized for the mistake. Their tweet said: “We’re excited about digital coupons, but that’s not why we sent so many emails to some customers. It was a system glitch and we apologize.” It was nice of them to let customers know what happened and to explain why the customers may have gotten way too many emails from Wegmans in their inboxes.

This strange situation is a good example of why couponers need to pay attention to things. If a coupon offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Wegmans didn’t intend to send out so many emails about their digital coupons. It was an honest mistake.

It is important to use critical thinking when you are emailed an offer about coupons. If something looks “off” – be wary. Don’t click on any links in emails that seem questionable. When in doubt, check the Twitter account of the store that sent the email. There could be some useful information there about what happened!

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