Ways to Save on Makeup Brushes
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Ways to Save on Makeup Brushes

Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Follow these tips to make your makeup brushes last longer.  Makeup brushes are a very important tool. They can be somewhat expensive, though. You will save money on makeup brushes if you learn how to find the quality ones. You can also make them last longer if you keep them clean. Try these tips to save money on makeup brushes.

How to Save Money on Makeup Brushes

Choose quality.
There are two ways you can go when it comes to buying makeup brushes. Your first impulse might be to select the ones that are the least expensive. Doing so might help fit them into your budget this week.

Over time, though, you will end up saving money if you buy makeup brushes that are high quality. They last longer than the cheap ones. You can extend their life if you keep them clean. One slightly more expensive purchase can end up costing less than three or four (or more) “cheap” buys.

What to look for.
Choose brushes made from polyester or nylon fibers. They are sturdy and can withstand being tossed into a purse of makeup bag and carried around. They also might cost a bit less than the natural fiber brushes. Synthetic brushes are easier to keep clean than are brushes made from natural fibers.

People who have allergies to animals should avoid the brushes that have natural fibers (because those are made from animal hair). Use the polyester or nylon bushes instead, and save money on allergy medication and/or a visit to a doctor.

You may want to avoid buying a package that has a bunch of different makeup brushes in it. How many of those are you really going to use? If you don’t know what some of those brushes are for, don’t buy the package. Instead, go “a la carte” and buy a couple of brushes that you know you will make use of.

How to keep your brushes clean.
It is recommended that you get into the routine of cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria on the brushes. You don’t want that on your face! Cleaning your brushes can also help extend their life.

* Bring all your makeup brushes to the sink.
* Put some baby shampoo into the palm of your hand.
* Wash one brush at a time.
* Gently rub the baby shampoo into the brush.
* Rinse it out under warm water. Make sure you rinse out all of the shampoo.
* Squeeze the water out of the brush.
* Place the brush on a towel and gently wipe it to get more water out.
* Let them dry before you use them.
* Spritz the (dry) bristles of your makeup brushes with antibacterial spray daily.

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