Ways to Save Money on Dry Cleaning
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Ways to Save Money on Dry Cleaning

Posted on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Need to cut down on your dry cleaning bill?  Here are some ways to do that.  Want to cut down on your dry cleaning bill? It’s possible that some of the clothes that you have been taking to the dry cleaner can be washed at home. There are also several simple things you can do to put off having to go to the dry cleaner as often as you currently need to.

How to Save on Dry Cleaning

“Dry Clean” vs “Dry Clean Only”
Read the label on the clothing very carefully. “Dry Clean” is often a suggestion. It means that the pair of pants or shirt may be one you can wash at home. “Dry Clean Only”, on the other hand, should be taken seriously. It means that you could end up ruining that piece of clothing if you toss it into the wash. Bring the “Dry Clean Only” clothes to the dry cleaner. Try washing the “Dry Clean” ones yourself.

Hang up your clothes.
Your mom was right. Your clothes will last longer if you take the time to hang them up. A lot of people take clothing to the dry cleaner simply because it has gotten wrinkled (and they don’t want to iron it themselves).

Taking the time to properly hang up your clothes will save you the cost of a trip to the dry cleaner. Just make sure to avoid using wire hangers. They can cause unsightly creases in clothing or cause it to stretch out of shape.

Treat stains as soon as possible.
One of the worst things you can do is let a stain sit on clothing for a long period of time. It becomes harder to remove the longer it sits. Clothing that has an oil-based stain should be taken to the dry cleaners right away. Clothes that have water-based stains can be treated at home with a stain remover.

Keep the pair together.
Office wear often comes in two pieces – the jacket and the pants. Many people make the mistake of taking one piece to the dry cleaners, while leaving the other one at home to be worn again. People think they are saving money by only having to pay for one item to be dry cleaned instead of two.

In the long run, the piece that gets dry cleaned more frequently than its partner will noticeably fade. It won’t be long before the pants and jacket aren’t the same shade anymore. This could result in the need to buy an entirely new pants suit. Bring both pieces in together, even if one could be worn again before it needs to be dry cleaned.

Ask for a discount.
It never hurts to try and get a discount on your dry cleaning bill. Ask if they have a special discount for frequent customers. Find out of they have a special where a particular type of clothing will cost less to have dry cleaned if you bring it on a certain day of the week. See if they offer coupons.

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