Ways to Make Spring Break Travel Frugal
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5 Ways to Make Spring Break Travel Frugal

Posted on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Is your budget too tight for a vacation?  There are ways to Make spring break travel more frugal.  Try these tips!How will you be spending your spring break? Maybe your budget is a bit too tight to include a long vacation at a far away place. If the idea of a “stay-cation” doesn’t appeal to you, then you need to look for ways to cut down the cost of spring break travel. Here are a few ideas that can help make things more frugal.

How to Cut the Costs of Spring Break

Try a Deal of the Day Website
Check out Groupon or LivingSocial to see what kind of deals they offer. You might find the discount you need to make your spring break fun! Deal of the Day websites typically offer vouchers that will lower the cost of activities that are local to you. Sometimes, you can also find great deals on travel through these types of websites.

Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles
Are you someone who has to travel a lot for work? If so, you may want to see how many frequent flyer miles you have collected. Turn those “points” into a discount on an airline ticket to somewhere you have been wanting to visit.

Pick an “Off” Day to Travel
If you have the option, try taking your spring break vacation the week after everybody else is taking theirs. Hotels and airlines will increase the price during spring break because they know people will pay it. The week after, they will have less customers and will be more willing to offer a discount.

Pick the right day to fly. Leave on a Sunday, instead of Friday, and you can get a better deal on flight. It is also more frugal to choose a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday as the day you will depart.

Be Choosy about Lodging
Look for hotels or motels that offer the “freebies” that you need. Families will want to find a place that allows children to stay for free. Take advantage of the complimentary breakfast in the morning – it will save you the expense of buying breakfast at a restaurant.

Get a room that has a kitchenette, and you can make your own meals instead of paying the high cost of dining out. When you ask the hotel clerk for the wi-fi password, make sure you find out if the wi-fi is free to use.

Plan Ahead for Next Year
Planning ahead can help keep costs down. It gives you the chance to put away some money that will be spent during spring break next year. It is a good idea to book your flight, and hotel stay, from as far out as possible. Those who wait until the last minute will have difficulty getting a good deal.

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