Ways to Make Easter Candy More Frugal
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Ways to Make Easter Candy More Frugal

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Ways to Make Easter Candy More Frugal | FreeCoupons.com It’s not an Easter basket unless it contains a chocolate rabbit. Most kids expect that there will also be a lot of other chocolates and sweets in their baskets. Families who have several children will quickly realize that all that candy can get expensive. Here are some ideas on how to save money on Easter candy.

Use your coupons.
Coupons are a quick and easy way to make the cost of candy a little bit lower. The weeks before Easter are the best time to look for coupons for Easter candy.

Start with the printable coupons that are right here at FreeCoupons.com.

Don’t forget to use the store’s loyalty card when you shop for Easter candy! People who have the loyalty card can get extra savings and sales. Target also has a savings app called Cartwheel that can help lower the price of some items.

Divide things up.
Pour a small amount of M&M’s into a plastic Easter egg. Stick some of the filled eggs inside each child’s Easter basket. Open up the packages of individually wrapped candy and divide it up by putting a couple of pieces into each of your children’s Easter baskets.

Dividing things up lowers the cost because you are spreading one package of candy out instead of giving one entire package to each child. It also makes it possible for all of your kids to receive a little bit of a wide variety of candies. Visually, it will look like more candy than it actually is.

Re-use what you can.
There is another way to fit more Easter candy into your budget. Instead of buying brand new baskets, re-use the ones that the Easter Bunny left last year. Find out how many plastic Easter eggs you already have at home before you buy new ones. Consider using shredded newspaper as a “filler” instead of the plastic Easter grass.

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