Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill
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Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Want to lower your grocery bill?  You can do it without having to sacrifice much at all.  Use these simple tips to save a few extra dollars.Everyone needs to eat! Grocery shopping is a necessity that people must do. Have you ever ended up spending way more than you intended at the grocery store? Sometimes, that situation can push you over your budget. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to lower your grocery bill.

Compare Store Prices
Not all grocery stores are the same. It pays to do some price checking before you shop. Pick a few items that your family always buys. For some, that might be bread, milk, and eggs. Check the weekly sales papers to see which store has the lowest price for those staple items. Do this every week, and you can end up saving money on the foods you buy most frequently.

Get the Store Loyalty Card
You can easily get a store loyalty card from any grocery store. They are free! Once you do, it opens up a lot more savings for you. Customers who don’t have the loyalty card will be charged a higher price for items than the loyalty card holding customers will. You save money just by having a loyalty card.

Even better, the loyalty card often will enable you to obtain digital coupons. Take the time to go online and pick the coupons you want to use. Upload them to your loyalty card. When you are ready to check out, the digital coupons will automatically be used. Make sure you have your loyalty card with you before you head out the door to the grocery store.

Plan Your Meals
What will you, and your family, be eating for dinner this week? Families who plan their meals ahead of time can end up saving some money at the grocery store. This is true for two reasons. One, you know ahead of time what you need to purchase and how much to get. You won’t end up accidentally buying more than you need.

Two, planning your meals ahead of time gives you the option to do freezer cooking. Spend time on the weekend cooking several dinners. Divide the food into individual sized portions that can be easily frozen and reheated. Freezer cooking can make it easier to use up perishables before they go bad.

Make a Grocery List
Have you ever left the grocery store and then later realized that you forgot to buy something you needed? This won’t happen if you make a grocery list before you shop. Having a grocery list helps people to remember what they intended to buy. It avoids the cost of a second trip the the grocery store to get the stuff you forgot about.

A grocery list is a plan that guides your shopping. Stick to what is on the list, and you can avoid filling your cart with impulse buys. Those little extras add up!

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