Victoria's Secret Ends the "Free Panty" Coupon
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Victoria’s Secret Ends the “Free Panty” Coupon

Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 at 4:07 pm
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Victoria's Secret will no longer send out "free panty" coupons.  People were coming in for the freebie and failing to make any purchases.Victoria’s Secret is going through some changes. Unfortunately, one of those changes involves their “free panty” coupons. The company has decided to stop sending out those coupons. This will be disappointing to shoppers who waited to get that coupon in the mail before they visited a Victoria Secret’s store.

The “free panty” coupon offered consumers a free panty. Customer had to use the coupon within a limited span of time. The coupon offered a specific type of panty and clearly stated the value of the free item.

The best thing about the “free panty” coupon was that it was exactly what it appeared to be. The coupons said “no purchase necessary in stores”. The idea behind it was that people would come in to use the coupon and get the freebie – and then decide to make some additional purchases.

While the coupon did influence people to shop at Victoria’s Secret, it didn’t do what the company hoped it would. The stores were able to get a lot of traffic by enticing customers with the coupon for a free item. Some shoppers who used the coupon also decided to buy some other items.

However, many of the people who came to Victoria’s Secret to use the coupon did not intend to spend any money. They went in, got their freebie, and didn’t buy anything at all. This was not what the company intended to have happen. The coupon was supposed to increase sales.

Victoria’s Secret is not the only store to have a coupon problem. Last year, Bed Bath & Beyond ran into a coupon problem of its own. The store used to frequently send 20% coupons in the mail to countless customers. Bed Bath & Beyond hoped the coupon would entice shoppers to come in and become regular customers.

Instead, many consumers decided to wait until they had a 20% off coupon before they shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond. The coupon that was supposed to increase sales ended up causing too many customers to buy items for a discount. The store lost money because of that coupon.

The moral of these coupon related stories is a simple one. If you want a store to keep send you a coupon for a free item, or a coupon for a 20% discount – you need to spend enough money to make it worthwhile for the store to continue to offer the coupon.

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