Use Coupons to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner
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Use Coupons to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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You use coupons when you shop for groceries.  Don't forget to use those coupons when you shop for the foods you need for Thanksgiving dinner.You probably use coupons when you do your grocery shopping. We all know that using coupons is one way to save money. Every little bit of savings helps! For some reason, people forget to use coupons when they go shopping for the foods they will serve at Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few tips to help you remember to use your coupons.

Tips on Using Coupons for Thanksgiving

Use the Loyalty Card
Shop for the foods you need for Thanksgiving dinner at the grocery store where you have a loyalty card. That card gives you access to lower prices. You can get some great deals even if you completely forgot to bring your coupons to the store.

The savings get even better if you took the time to add digital coupons to the loyalty card before you headed out the door. Digital coupons automatically ring up when you are at the cash register. What if you forgot your loyalty card? Most stores will let you access the savings it offers if you enter your phone number into the kiosk.

Use a Coupon Holder
Put the coupons that you printed out, or clipped from weekly ads, into a designated coupon holder. Some stores sell little pouches that are separated into many sections, that you can use to hold and organize your coupons. It doesn’t have to be fancy, though. You can use a regular old envelope to hold coupons.

Put your coupon holder next to your keys. Seeing the coupon holder might remind you to pick it up. Or, place it inside one of the reusable bags that you need to take with you to the grocery store. Either strategy will make it harder for you to forget your coupons.

Do a Price Check
Thanksgiving dinner almost always includes a turkey. Grocery stores are going to be competing against each other in an effort to attract shoppers. They know that Thanksgiving dinner can easily double the amount of money a person spends on groceries that week.

Pay attention to the price of turkey. Buy it from the store that is selling it for the lowest price. Don’t forget to consider the discount you will get if you have the loyalty card for particular store. You don’t necessarily have to do all of your Thanksgiving dinner shopping at that store. It is acceptable to just go in and buy a turkey.

Start Shopping Early
Don’t wait until the last minute to buy what you need for Thanksgiving dinner. Doing so will very likely cause you to miss out on the best deals. People will purchase the brands that are the least expensive, or that are on sale, first. Wait too long, and you could be stuck with the products that are being sold for full price.

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