Top 7 Things to Do with Expired Coupons
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Top 7 Things to Do with Expired Coupons

Posted on Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 at 2:48 pm
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  1. Donate them to military families who can often use coupons long after they’ve expired, usually up to six months. This is probably the best use for expired coupons. There are a couple of different programs that will help you get the coupons to military families. Keep in mind that they can only use manufacturer’s coupons not store coupons.
  2. Decoupage them onto small cardboard boxes for fun storage containers.
  3. Use Origami to turn them into piggy banks, Christmas ornaments or simple art.
  4. Ask the store manager if he or she will accept them anyway. Some stores, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond will do this for you.
  5. Give them to your kids and have them make a pretend grocery shopping list using the coupons. They can have fun, and you can teach them how to use a grocery budget wisely.
  6. Use whole Sunday inserts to wrap packages. This would be a cute theme idea if you had kitchen or food related gifts to wrap.
  7. Another use for whole Sunday inserts is to fold them into envelopes. You could then use those envelopes to hold, what else, coupons!

Anyone else have any ideas?

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