Tips to Save Money on School Supplies
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Tips to Save Money on School Supplies

Posted on Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 5:59 pm
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Back to school shopping can get expensive, especially for families with more than one child. Try these tips to save money on school supplies.The new school year will start at the end of August or in early September, depending on where you live. Is your budget ready for all the back to school shopping? It can get costly, especially for families that have more than one child. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to save money on school supplies.

Reuse Last Year’s Supplies
Before you start shopping, take a look and see what school supplies you already have at home. Your kids may be able to reuse some of the school supplies that you purchased last year.

Rulers, whether wooden or plastic, will hold up for more than one school year. Plastic pencil holders are durable enough to last multiple school years. Gather up all the pencils and pens that came home with your child at the end of the previous school year.

Your child’s lunch box (or lunch bag) might be in good enough shape to use again. Check your child’s backpack carefully. If you don’t see any fraying at the shoulders, and there are no holes in the bottom, it can be reused.

Buy Two Pairs of Shoes
It might sound counter-intuitive to buy an extra pair of gym shoes for your child right at the start of the school year. One pair would cost less than two pairs after all. Keep in mind that your kids are still growing. Many parents find that their child has outgrown his or her gym shoes about halfway through the school year.

Buying two pairs of shoes now, while they are on sale, saves you the expense of having to buy another pair a few months from now at full price. Buy one pair that fits your child’s feet today. Buy one more pair the next size up.

Buy One Get One Free
Your child’s school supply list might say that they need only one package of certain items. Eventually, that package of paper, the pack of pencils, and the glue sticks, will run out. Consider purchasing consumable school supplies from stores that have a “BOGO” on them. Buy one for your kid to take to school. Get a free one for your kid to take to school after that first one runs out.

Shop Year Round for School Supplies
One way to save money on the pile of school supplies your child needs at the start of the school year is to stock up on them year round. Take advantage of sales on pens, pencils, and paper that you see during the school year. Start a stock pile of school supplies that you got on sale. Next year, pull from that stock pile and make your back to school shopping less expensive.

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