Tips to Save Money on New Clothing
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Tips to Save Money on New Clothing

Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Follow these simple tips that savvy shoppers use to save money on brand new clothing.Brand new clothing can be expensive. It helps if you know the “secrets” that savvy shoppers use to save money on brand new clothing. Follow these simple tips, and you won’t have to pay full price on new clothes at your favorite store.

How to Save on New Clothing

Sign up for the email.
Visit the website for your favorite store and sign up to receive their email. You will be sent email that gives you information about their current and upcoming sales. You might be able to view the stores weekly ad through your email.

Some stores will email customers coupons (that cannot be obtained anywhere else). There is the potential that you will get “sneak peek” email about the sales that happen on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, and other three day weekends.

Get the credit card.
Does your favorite store have its own credit card? If you shop there a lot, it might be to your advantage to get it. Before you sign up, find out what special savings are offered to customers who have the store’s credit card. You might get exclusive coupons. Or, you might accrue points, or “bucks” for the purchases you make with the store’s credit card.

It is important to make sure you pay off the entire balance of the credit card every month. Doing so gives you all of the saving advantages that the card offers while preventing you from having to pay interest on an unpaid balance.

Check out the clearance racks.
Don’t forget to take a look at the clothing that is on clearance! It’s a great way to find brand new clothing at a very low price. Shoppers who aren’t concerned about wearing the latest, newest, most up to date fashions, can do quite well with a clearance sale.

Stores put seasonal clothing into the clearance section a few weeks before the clothing for the next season is about to arrive. This means you can get brand new summer clothing for a low price if you buy it in August. You should still have a few week where the weather will be hot enough for summer clothes.

Shop the annual sales.
You can save money on new clothing if you buy it during the annual sale. Underwear, bras, and socks go on sale in January. Clothes for women go on sale in April and May (before Mother’s Day). Clothes for men go on sale in June, leading up to Father’s Day. The biggest sale on Children’s clothing is the end of July, when the Back-to-School sales begin.

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