Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer
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Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Sun shining over a laundry line with bright clothesIt can be really frustrating when your favorite clothes wear out. Some people really do feel a sense of loss when they discover that a prized pair of jeans are no longer wearable. Everything wears out eventually. But, you can delay the process. Follow these simple tips and you can make your clothing last longer.

Sort clothing before washing it.
It is the type of advice that your mom, or grandmother, may have given you. Wash colors with colors, and white clothing with other white clothing. All it takes is one red t-shirt to ruin an entire load of white socks and underwear by turning everything pink. Sorting clothing before you wash it will avoid that problem.

Wait to wash your jeans.
You don’t really need to wash your jeans every time you wear them. Did you spill something on them? Did you get mud or dirt splashed onto them? If not, then you can wear them again without washing them first. Typically, you can get away with wearing jeans two or three times before they need to be washed. The fewer washes, the fewer chances that your favorite pair of jeans will shrink.

Hang your clothing to dry it.
Dryers are convenient. Unfortunately, they tend to be tough on clothing. How often have you had a piece of clothing shrink from being in the dryer? Dryers have a tendency to make socks disappear (one at a time). It has been said that dryers can weaken the fibers in fabric.

You can avoid these problems if you hang your clothing up to dry. This advice may work best for people who have the backyard space for a clothesline. Or, you could put a few items of clothing on hangers and then hook them over the shower rod in your bathroom. Drying racks are also an option.

Turn it inside out.
Take that t-shirt, with the really cool design on it, and turn it inside out before you wash it. Doing so can help preventing the artwork on the shirt from fading due to being washed and dried. Sweaters can also be washed inside out, in order to prevent the dreaded “pilling”.

Wash in cold water.
Hot water can make clothing shrink up. It can also make certain types of fabrics wrinkle. Cold water, with your favorite laundry soap, is sufficient to remove dirt and germs from your clothes. You can also save some money by using cold water instead of hot.

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