Tips on Wrapping Gifts
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Tips on Wrapping Gifts

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Should you wrap that gift yourself, or have someone else do it for you?  When is a gift bag a good idea?  These tips on wrapping gifts can help you.The holiday season requires a lot of gift giving. Those gifts are going to need to be wrapped. Should you wrap them yourself, or have someone else do it? When is a gift bag appropriate? Here are gift wrapping tips that can help you to manage your time and money this holiday season.

The gifts you purchase, or make, for friends and family members are going to need to be wrapped. Gift giving is part of many holiday traditions. Part of the giving includes letting the person unwrap the gift and be surprised by what is inside. It can be difficult to tell if wrapping the gift yourself is the best idea or if having someone else do it is a better idea.

Tips for Gift Wrapping

You have gift wrap at home.
One way to determine if it’s best to just wrap the gifts yourself is to consider if you have enough supplies to make that happen. Ideally, you have a bunch of gift wrap leftover from last year. Or, you already purchased gift wrap to be used this year. The money it cost has been spent, so you may as well make use if the wrapping paper. If you are really terrible at wrapping gifts, it might be best to ask a family member to do it for you.

Pay someone else to wrap for you.
You just bought a lovely gift for someone. Before you leave the store, ask the cashier if the store offers free gift wrapping. Stores that do not normally wrap gifts will give customers that option in December. The person wrapping the gifts is, more than likely, an employee of the store. Hang onto your receipt. Some stores will only offer free gift wrapping to customers who spent money in that store.

Other stores will let charities send some people over to wrap gifts. They will happily wrap your gift for you in exchange for a donation to their charity. This service is not free, but the cost may fit within your budget.

Will you be ordering a gift online? Look closely when you get to the check out. There may be an option that allows you to pay a little extra in order to have the store pre-wrap your gift.

Use a gift bag.
When is it appropriate to use a gift bag? A gift bag is a great option when you need to wrap an oddly shaped gift. For example, it can be quite difficult to wrap a teddy bear because of its shape and softness. Put that teddy bear into a gift bag instead. The gift will look lovely. Make sure to fill the inside of the bag with tissue paper so the recipient cannot immediately see what is inside the bag.

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