Tips for Stockpiling Scented Products
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Tips for Storing Scented Products

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 7:00 am
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The food in your stockpile can pick up the fragrance from the scented products stored near it. Here are tips to prevent that from happening.There is a reason why grocery stores stock scented products far away from the food. No one wants their food to pick up the scent of deodorant, laundry detergent, or hand soap! You need to be careful with your stockpile to prevent scent contamination. Here are some tips for stockpiling scented products.

How to Store Scented Products

Switch to unscented products
There is a very simple way to prevent your food products from picking up the fragrance of the scented products that are stored near them. Choose unscented products. There are many companies that make at least one version of their soap, deodorant, lotion, or detergent that is unscented.

People who have a sensitivity to certain scents can use the unscented variety. Your family can, too! What if you really like a particular scented cleaning or hygiene product? Follow these suggestions to help prevent a thick miasma of scents from surrounding your stockpile.

Plastic tubs with air-tight lids
Many people use large plastic tubs to store Christmas ornaments. They are great for protecting things that you do not want to accidentally crush while it sits in storage. The air-tight lids keep out the dust.

They can also keep in the fragrance that comes from scented products. If your family uses a particular type of scented soap, or you all use the same scent of deodorant, a big plastic tub might be just the thing. Ideally, you want to fill it with products that all smell the same.

Ziploc plastic bags
What if you are stockpiling a lot of deodorant in a variety of scents? Maybe you are among the people who enjoy stockpiling the small soaps, conditioners, shampoos, and lotions that come with your hotel room? Here is an easy way to separate all those different scents.

Buy a box of plastic freezer bags. You will need the ones that zip shut. Sort out all those little soaps, lotions, etc. based upon what scent each has. Fill one plastic bag with products that all have the same scent. Get a new bag for the next batch of differently scented products.

Now, you have two choices. You can store the plastic bags on the shelves of your stockpile. Or, you can stuff the plastic bags into one of those plastic tubs that has an air-tight lid. Either way will prevent the scents from spreading.

Small air-tight containers
The plastic containers that you use to store food can be repurposed. Use them to store a small batch of scented products. Just make sure that everything in the container has the same scent. The lid will keep the scent from spreading.

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