Tips for Shopping Black Friday Sales
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Tips for Shopping Black Friday Sales

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Young girl with gift bag. Isolated.Shopping the Black Friday sales can be chaotic and frantic as everyone rushes to get the product they desire. Will you be going to the stores for the Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday sales? Here are some tips that may help you maximize your efforts as you work your way through the crowds.

Do some “homework”.
Most, if not all, of the Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday sales have been announced. Before you head to the store, check to find out what day, and what time, the store will be open. Some of them are staying open all night, others are taking a break and closing for a few hours and then re-opening. Find out those details, and you will be better able to plan out which store to visit first, second, and so on.

Is there a particular product that you absolutely must have? Take the time to check the weekly sales papers of the stores that might carry it. One could have a better deal than the others. Checking ahead of time will help prevent you from starting with a store that doesn’t carry the product you are hoping to buy.

Bring a buddy.
Shopping with a friend can be more fun than shopping by yourself. Bringing a buddy with you has some specific advantages that can help make your Black Friday shopping more successful. For best results, bring a friend who has already finished their Christmas shopping, or who doesn’t want to make any purchases of their own that day.

Before you shop, create a strategy with your buddy. For example, you could decide to go after the TV that is on sale while your buddy goes after the hottest toy of the season. This technique essentially puts you in two places at once. It increases your chances of obtaining the products you want to buy before they are sold out.

Sometimes, people become injured by the crowd of shoppers during the Black Friday sales. You and your buddy can watch out for each other. Check in with each other via smartphone to make sure both of you are ok. Don’t leave the store without your buddy.

Other Helpful Ideas
Did the store run out of what you wanted to buy? Sometimes, the store will offer a rain check if you ask for one. Not all will, but it is worth asking about. A rain check lets you get the sale price on that product after it is restocked. Be prepared to wait in a line in order to obtain a rain check.

If all else fails… try the Cyber Monday sales. This year, you don’t have to wait until Monday to shop them. They have already started. The store may have run out of what you wanted to buy. The website might still have it available.

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