Tips for Saving Money on Makeup
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Tips for Saving Money on Makeup

Posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Makeup can be expensive!  Here are some tips to that will help you save money on makeup.Those who wear makeup quickly discover that it can be expensive. There are some products that you feel are absolute necessities. Then, there are those “impulse buys” that you just could not resist. It all adds up! Here are some tips that can help you save money on makeup.

Tips to Save Money on Makeup

Do an inventory.
What cosmetics do you already own? Take a moment to do an inventory of all the makeup that is in your bathroom, purse, or personal space at your workplace. While you are at it, check for expiration dates. Throw out the expired cosmetics and the ones that look or smell bad.

Doing this will give you a very clear idea about what you do not need to buy right now. Save your money for the makeup that you use daily (and have run out of).

Use up what you have.
Don’t purchase more makeup until you have used up what you already have. Buy too much of the same type of product and you won’t be able to use it all before it expires. Avoid having to throw away unopened or half-full makeup. That’s a waste of money!

Look for sales and use coupons.
You can save money on cosmetics if you buy them from the pharmacy. For example, CVS has a loyalty card that gives you a bunch of coupons. Some of those coupons will be for beauty products. While you are shopping, keep an eye out for sales on makeup. Together, you can end up saving quite a bit of money on makeup!

Consider different brands.
Is your favorite brand of makeup one of the brands that tends to be expensive? If your budget is low, you may want to consider trying a different, more frugally priced, brand for a while. Read the list of ingredients that are in your favorite brand and compare it to the list of ingredients for a cheaper brand. They might be the same!

Look for free samples.
Target sometimes offers free samples on their website. Once in a while, they offer a free Beauty Bag that is filled with makeup and other beauty products. Those tend to disappear quickly, so grab it if you see it offered! Victoria’s Secret occasionally offers a free makeup kit or fragrance pack to people who have their store’s credit card (and who spend a certain amount of money). Check to see what your favorite cosmetics company offers.

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