Tips for Saving Money at Starbucks
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5 Tips for Saving Money at Starbucks

Posted on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Starbucks is a popular place for people to visit when they want to treat themselves.  Use these tips to save some money at Starbucks.Everyone has their own way of treating themselves on a difficult day. For many people, that treat comes from Starbucks. Others like to visit Starbucks for a quick coffee before work. Either way, frequent visits to Starbucks can get expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips that will help you save money at Starbucks.

5 Ways to Save at Starbucks

Try a Smaller Size
The same drink at Starbucks gets a little bit more expensive the larger the size you order. If you typically get a Venti, try a Grande instead. Or, go for a Tall instead of a Grande. You may find that you don’t miss the extra amount of drink. Over time, that small change can save you dollars.

Get the Card
Visit the Starbucks website and join their loyalty program. It is called “My Starbucks Rewards”. People who have a registered Starbucks card earn stars every time they make a purchase. Those stars add up and can be turned in for a free drink (or food item). You also get a birthday gift from Starbucks every year. You get a free drink or treat and a coupon for 15% off a purchase at Starbucks.

Watch for the Treat Receipt
Every so often, Starbucks offers a special deal called a “Treat Receipt”. One way to find out when it is going on is to check the Starbucks website. This offer is perfect for people who visit a Starbucks for a hot coffee before work and then like to return after work for a cold drink.

The “Treat Receipt” offer works the same way every time. Go into a Starbucks in the morning and make a purchase. Bring that morning receipt back to the Starbucks after 2:00 in the afternoon on the same day. Get a Grande cold beverage for just $2.00. The current deal is going on through August 17, 2014. There will be others!

Bring Your Own Cup
You get a small discount when you order a drink from Starbucks and have them put it into a cup (or mug) that you brought from home. Bring your favorite one! Or, take a look at the tumblers, cups with lids, and mugs that are currently on sale at Starbucks. Get into the habit of bringing it with you before you head out the door for coffee. Every little bit of savings counts.

Split a Sandwich
Consider splitting one of the packaged sandwiches that Starbucks sells with a friend or family member. This works well if neither one of you are big eaters or if neither is “starving” at the moment. You may find that half a sandwich, and a drink, is enough. One of you can pay for the sandwich today, and the other can return that favor by purchasing the sandwich next time.

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