Tips on Repairing Clothing
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Tips for Repairing Clothing

Posted on Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Needle and threadDon’t throw away that ripped pair of jeans! You might be able to repair it. Taking the time to do some simple repairs is worth it. It prevents you from having to spend money on a new pair of jeans. Here are some helpful tips for repairing clothing. Give them a try!

Use an iron on patch
You don’t have to be an incredibly skilled seamstress in order to be able to iron a patch onto your ripped jeans. You can find iron on patches that are the same color denim as your jeans. Or, you could decide to be decorative and choose a patch of a different color denim than your jeans are. There also are a bunch of decorative iron on patches that can be found online and in sewing stores.

Follow the directions on the package that the iron on patches came in. You are going to need a iron and an ironing board. Just like that, your jeans are good as new! To make that patch last longer, it is a good idea sew around the edges of it.

Remove a stain
Martha Stewart has great advice that will teach you how to remove a stain from clothing. For best results, you need to act quickly. Don’t let a stain set!

The tutorial has helpful hints about how to remove a stain with cornstarch, and how to whiten clothing by using lemons. You can add either baking soda or vinegar into a load of laundry and it will help remove stains.

Make long sleeves into short sleeves
Over time, it is entirely possible for the edges of the sleeves of your favorite long sleeve shirt to tear, fray, or become very stained. Instead of throwing it away, alter it. Turn the long sleeves into short sleeves.

Decide where you want to cut the sleeves. Measure to make sure you are cutting both sleeves to the exact same length. Use a ruler (or other straight edge) to guide your cutting. How Stuff Works has a tutorial that will show you how to put in a hem on the new edges of the sleeves.

Crochet it back together
Don’t throw away that sweater that has a rip in it. It is possible to get some new yarn and crochet the hole closed. You don’t have to get especially fancy. Just use the simplest crochet technique that you know how to do. Choose yarn that matches the color of the sweater, or pick a contracting color to make things more interesting.

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