Tips for Organizing Toys
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Helpful Tips for Organizing Toys

Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Tired of the clutter in your child's room? Try some of these tips for organizing toys.Tired of tripping over the clutter of toys in your child’s room? One way to clear the clutter is to find ways to organize the toys. Here are some tips for organizing toys that will prevent pieces from getting lost, move things out of the way, and make it easy to put back after playtime is over.

Helpful Ways to Organize Toys

Over the Door Shoe Organizer
Shoe organizers that hang over the back of a door, and that have many see-through pockets, are great for organizing toys. Your child can see everything that is in each pocket. He or she may need to ask for help in order to reach some of the pockets. This is where to organize action figures, fashion dolls, small stuffed animals, and medium sized cars and trains.

Toy Hammocks
Running out of floor space? Try using a toy hammock. It is basically a large, mesh, “bag” that can be attached to the ceiling. Choose a corner that isn’t directly over your child’s bed (in case it falls down). Stuffed animals and dolls look great in a toy hammock. Let your child select one of two stuffies to sleep with. The rest can spend the night in the toy hammock.

Kitchen Canisters with Lids
You can find clear plastic kitchen canisters (that have lids) at thrift stores. Or, you may be able to repurpose some that you already own but are no longer using. Each canister will hold one kind of small toy. One canister can hold crayons, another can store LEGO pieces. Use a canister to hold small action figures or “army men”. It will be easy for your child to put the toys back into the canister when he or she is done playing with them.

Soap Cases and Zippered Pencil Bags
Mesh zippered pencil bags are perfect for holding puzzle pieces. Remove all the pieces from the box and store them in the pouch instead. Take a photo of the picture that is on the front of the box the puzzle came from and store the photo with the pieces. A decorative storage bin can hold all of the bags of puzzles.

Plastic soap cases, like the kind you might use when you are on vacation, can be repurposed. They are just the right size to hold decks of playing cards. Put the directions into the case along with the cards.

Repurposed Plastic Dish Pan
Take the plastic dish pan that you are no longer using and repurpose it as storage for children’s books. Put each book into the pan in an upright position. Face all the covers in the same direction. Your child can flip through his or her books and easily find the one they are looking for. It will be very easy for your child to put the book back after the story is over.

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