Tips for Finding Time to Coupon
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Tips for Finding Time to Coupon

Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at 1:48 pm
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We all know that using coupons is a good way to save money.  The hardest part about couponing is finding the time to do it.  Most people don’t have hours to devote to locating, sorting, and organizing coupons.  Here are some tips that will help you to be able to find time to coupon.

The best way to find the time to do something is to make it fit with something that you are already doing.  You probably check your email at least once a day.  Many of us visit Facebook a few times a day.  We all have to go outside and get the mail several times a week.  Each of these activities can be used in ways that give you some time to coupon.

Get coupons in your email. as well as many of the other coupon websites, such as and RedPlum, will send printable coupons, (or links to printable coupons) right to your email.  Some of the manufacturers websites, such as Kellogg’s, and P&G, will also send you coupons when you sign up to get their emails.    Coupons will be in your inbox, waiting for you.

Are you on Facebook?  Here is a tip that will help you to quickly find coupons on Facebook.  Go to the fan pages of your favorite brands.  Click the “like” button.  Every time those companies post something new on their wall, it will appear in your news feed.  As you scan through your Facebook news, keep an eye out for those brands.  They will usually post something to let people know that they have a coupon available. Our Facebook page will keep you up to date on the most timely coupons as well.  “Like us” to get the hottest coupons before they are gone.

Turn checking the mail into time to collect coupons.  Get into the habit of going through all the mail, especially the junk mail, immediately after you get back in the door.  Don’t put it somewhere and assume you will have time later on to search through it for coupons.  That time isn’t likely to appear!

Pull out the important mail, such as bills and birthday cards.  Scan over the junk mail right now, before you blindly throw it into the recycle bin.  There are probably at least a few coupons for fast food places in there.  Open the newspaper, and go directly to the inserts.  There will be coupons hiding there, too.  It won’t take long to go through the mail this way.

Immediately put your coupons into your organizer.  Take a minute or two to scan through the coupons, and remove the ones that have expired.  When you finish grocery shopping, put the coupons that come with your receipt into your organizer before you leave the store.  You just found plenty of time to coupon!



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