Things to Stockpile for Next Year's Halloween
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Things to Stockpile for Next Year’s Halloween

Posted on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Stockpile some Halloween stuff now, and you won't have to spend money on it next year.  Here are some suggestions on what to stock up on.A typical stockpile is made up of groceries and other household goods. But, it doesn’t have to be limited to those types of things. It is perfectly acceptable to stockpile things that you don’t need this Halloween, but will need for next year’s Halloween. Here are a few suggestions on what to stockpile.

Halloween is still a couple of week away. Even so, the stores have already started sales on Halloween decorations, costumes, and party stuff. Now is a good time to pick up what you will need for next year’s Halloween (while it is on sale).

What to Stockpile for Halloween

Halloween plates and napkins
Some families enjoy having a Halloween party for all the kids. Stock up on some extra paper plates, napkins, and paper cups that are decorated in a Halloween style. You won’t have to search for them next year.

Paper plates and cups are great for children’s parties. They won’t break if dropped, and they make cleanup really easy. Families with teenagers might want to pick up some of the plastic mugs that are shaped like skulls and plastic plates with spider webs drawn on them.

Pumpkins for Trick-or-treating
Your infant or toddler might be too young this year to “get” trick-or-treating. Next year, he or she should be ready for it and will need one of those orange plastic pumpkin shaped buckets to carry around.

It isn’t always safe to assume that your oldest kid will lose interest in trick-or-treating by next Halloween. There are plenty of teens who love it! It is better to pick up an extra one than to have your children fight over the pumpkin buckets next Halloween.

Costumes for grown ups
Kids grow quite a bit from one Halloween to the next. Adults, on the other hand, are done growing. There may be some weight gain or loss, but, most adults stay about the same size for years. Costumes go on sale shortly before Halloween. What do you and your spouse want to dress up as next year? You can save money if you buy it now and store it with the rest of your Halloween stuff.

Halloween treats that are not food
Every kid needs a plastic spider ring to gross out his friends with, right? They make good (and inexpensive) party favors, too. Pick some up for next year. Halloween temporary tattoos, barrettes, and bracelets are other good choices.

Avoid stockpiling Halloween makeup. Just like regular makeup, it has an expiration date. It may not be so safe to use next year. Instead, treat yourself to that kitchy Halloween decoration that caught your eye. You can’t go wrong with a couple of gold colored plastic pumpkins, or a glitter coated skull, right?

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