Things to Know About Online Coupons
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Things to Know About Online Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Online CouponThere was a time when the best way to get a coupon was to look for the inserts in the Sunday newspaper. That can still work. However, today many people get online to look for coupons (before searching through the paper). If you are new to couponing, there are some things you should know about online coupons.

Turn Your Printer On
This tip may seem obvious, but it is something that people forget to do all the time. The very first thing you should do when you are searching for printable online coupons is to turn your printer on. Make sure it has plenty of paper, and is functional. Do this before you head to your favorite coupon website. Few things are more frustrating than finding an awesome coupon that you cannot access because there was a problem with your printer.

Printing Limitations Exist
In most cases, there will be a limitation on the number of times you can print an online coupon. Once you hit the limit, you lose access to being able to print it out. The printing limitation counts the number of times you attempted to print out the coupon – not how often you were successful.

If your printer was turned off when you hit the button on the website telling it to print your selected coupons, and the printing limitation was one, you will not be able to go back and try a second time to print the coupon. (I learned this piece of wisdom the hard way.)

Online Coupons are Everywhere has coupons right here on the website. is one of the most popular coupon websites. These two resources are examples of where to get online coupons that can be used almost anywhere you shop.

Some online coupons can only be used at one store. For example, Target has a bunch of printable coupons. You can use all of them to save money on things you buy at Target. You will not be able to use Target’s coupons at Walmart, or CVS, or Safeway. Those stores might have their own coupons (and might not).

Facebook is another resource for online coupons. Unfortunately, there isn’t a reliable or consistent way to find them. It takes a bit of luck (and some research through coupon and savings blogs that are not on Facebook). Once you find a Facebook coupon, you typically have to log in, and then click “like” before you can access the coupon. Sometimes, that coupon will be sent to your email inbox (outside of Facebook).

Manufacturer’s coupons can be found online. To access these, you often have to sign up or register. Kellogg’s and Arm & Hammer are two examples of companies that offer their manufacturer’s coupons to those who register. Manufacturer’s coupons can be used almost anywhere and tend to have long expiration dates.

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