Things to Know About Electronic Coupons
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Things to Know About Electronic Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Businesswoman with a credit cardFrugal shoppers quickly realize that using coupons is a great way to save money on groceries (as well as on other items). You are probably aware of the coupons that can be found in newspaper inserts, and the ones that certain companies will send you via email after you have clicked “like” on their Facebook page. Do you know what electronic coupons are? Here is a quick review of the most important things to know about electronic coupons.

What is an Electronic Coupon?
It is a coupon that you do not have to print out, clip, and physically carry with you to the store. This type of coupon does not require paper or ink. Electronic coupons might also be called eCoupons or digital coupons. They are automatically redeemed when you shop at the store with your loyalty card.

How do Electronic Coupons Work?
The process involved is rather simple. First, you need to sign up with, or join, the loyalty club at a grocery store or pharmacy that offers electronic coupons. Next, visit the store’s website and find where to register your loyalty card.

This will give you access to the electronic coupons that the store is currently offering. Browse through the list and select the eCoupons that you want to use. Follow the directions on the website, and the electronic coupons you picked out will be automatically added to your loyalty card. When you go shopping, the electronic coupons that are on the card will automatically be redeemed when you check out.

What Can Electronic Coupons be Used For?
Electronic coupons can be used in the exact same way that paper coupons can be. There are eCoupons for everything from diapers to cereal to frozen vegetables (and much more). You can also find electronic coupons for pharmacy items. If you have seen a printable coupon for a particular product, odds are there is an electronic coupon for the same things out there somewhere.

Where Can You Find Electronic Coupons?
Here are a few to start with:

Jewel Osco has step-by-step directions on their website to make it easy for people who have the loyalty card to find their eCoupons.

CVS lets you scan and save eCoupons on their mobile app.

Safeway has a “Just For U” system.

VONS has a digital coupon link on their website.

Winn Dixie lets you add eCoupons to your loyalty card through their website.

Fry’s has step-by-step directions to follow so you can access their eCoupons.

Fred Meyer lets you download eCoupons from their website to your Rewards card.

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