Things to Buy in June
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Things to Buy in June

Posted on Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Woman with tools.Every month, there are certain things that go on sale. Savvy shoppers pay attention to these annual sales and deals, and end up saving a lot of money. Plan ahead, and you can get some excellent deals on things by waiting to purchase them until the right month. Here are some things that you should buy in June.

Technically, this is more of a “freebie” than a purchase. June 6 is National Doughnut Day. Stop by your favorite doughnut shop and get one free doughnut (per customer). Naturally, you will want to buy some doughnuts to bring home with you, too.

June is a great month to buy brand new tools. The trick is to wait until after Father’s Day is over. The stores realize that many people purchase tools as Father’s Day gifts. The sale won’t begin until after the holiday is over. Shop the weekend after Father’s Day for the best deal on tools. Dads who got a gift card as a Father’s Day gift, and who want to use it to buy tools, should take advantage of the sales.

June is when Victoria’s Secret has its Semi-Annual Sale. Typically, you can pick up bras, panties, and lingerie for a fraction of what they originally cost. The store is trying to unload the older styles of product in order to make room for the new designs and colors. Other stores that sell underwear will also be having a sale in June. They are trying to compete with Victoria’s Secret. You could find a great deal on bras and panties at your favorite department store.

School Supplies
Believe it or not, the school supplies sales begin in June. I know, it sounds like it would be too early for that (especially if your child’s school has not yet let out for the summer). Start checking the weekly sales ads for office supply stores. Some of them offer special discount cards that you can use all summer long to save money on school supplies. Pay attention to those sales, and you can stretch out the cost of next year’s school supplies.

Gym Memberships
Gyms gain a lot of new members in January. Six months later, several of those new members have broken their New Year’s Resolution to exercise on a regular basis. This means that you can get a good deal on a gym membership if you buy it in June. Now is also a good time to buy gym equipment for your home. Look for the sales and do a little comparison shopping for best results.

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