What to Buy in August
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What to Buy in August

Posted on Thursday, August 7th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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You can save the most money on things if you buy them during their annual sale.  Here are some things you should buy in August.The very best time to buy something is when it is on sale. Each month has specific annual sales that you should keep an eye out for. What do you need to buy right now? Check this quick list to discover if it is one of the things that you should definitely buy in August.

3 Deals to Score in August

School Supplies
You probably could have guessed that school supplies are on sale in August. This year, the back-to-school sales started at the end of June! Some schools start the new year in the last week of August, and others wait until the first week of September. Stores will be trying to unload their stock of school supplies right now. You can get what your children need for school at a low price. Do some price comparisons for the best deal possible.

Adults who don’t happen to have children, and who are not students themselves, can also benefit from the school supplies sales. Does your office (or home office) need more paper, pens, three-ring binders, or post-it notes? Replenish your supplies this month.

Children’s Clothing
The August sale on children’s clothing goes hand in hand with the sale on school supplies. That works out well for parents who need to buy their kids some new clothes for the upcoming school year. It can also help parents whose children attend schools that require a uniform. Some of the larger department stores will carry school uniforms right now. Again, this sale is predominantly designed to help stores get rid of stock before the season changes.

One of the best types of clothing you can buy right now is jeans. Stores that sell clothing, whether for children or adults, increase their stock of jeans right before the new school year starts. After you finish buying your kids some new clothes, head over to the adult clothing sections to take advantage of the sale on jeans.

Labor Day Sales
Labor Day is celebrated on September 1, every year. It is seen by many as the official end to summer vacation. Stores see it as a three-day weekend in which to have a huge sale on summer clothing and swimsuits, back to school supplies, items for the pool, and patio furniture. Stores that carry none of those items will still have big sales all through Labor Day weekend.

You might want to check a store’s website instead of stopping by in person. The same sales are often accessible online and in the “brick and mortar” store. There is potential that there will be some website exclusive sales.

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