The Best Things to Buy at Fall Festivals
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The Best Things to Buy at Fall Festivals

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2014 at 3:20 pm
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Here are some tips about the best things to buy at fall festivals.  Save your money for the best items, and skip the other stuff.Summer is known for the plethora of festivals and outdoor activities it brings. In Fall, the weather starts to cool down and becomes comfortable enough for people to want to attend festivals. It is really easy to overspend while you are out and enjoying yourself. Here are some tips to about what to buy, and what to avoid, at fall festivals.

What to Buy at Fall Festivals

Kettle Corn
The best time to eat kettle corn is shortly after it has been popped and mixed. Fall festivals often include a booth with a vendor who is making giant bags of kettle corn. The price is usually low. Go ahead and purchase a large bag of freshly made kettle corn. The pre-packaged kettle corn you buy at the grocery store isn’t anywhere near as tasty as the freshly made kind you find at festivals.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Many fall festivals include a farmers’ market section. It is nice to be able to hand money directly to the farmers who grew the food you eat. Typically, you must pay for your produce in cash. That’s helpful because paying with physical money (instead of a credit card) makes people more aware of how much they are spending.

Buy only what you and your family will use in the next seven days. Select enough fruit to go into school lunches. Think about what you will make for dinner that includes the vegetables you are considering purchasing. A little bit of thinking ahead can help you save money.

Decorated pumpkins and gourds
Are you someone who cannot wait to start decorating your home for fall? If so, then it would be fine to purchase one or two decorated pumpkins or gourds that were handmade by crafters. You already know exactly where you will place them!

For best results, speak with the crafter and ask how long the craft will stay good. Painted pumpkins tend to last longer than carved ones. Ask if decorated, carved, gourds have been treated with something that helps to preserve them. Keep in mind that these kinds of crafts won’t last forever. Check to see if the price is right for something that cannot be re-used next fall.

Caramel apples
Caramel apples are a popular fall treat. You will save money on them if you take the time to make your own at home. When you purchase caramel apples at a fall festival, you are basically paying for the convenience of having someone else make them for you. Many people are more than happy to pay for the pre-made ones in order to avoid dealing with a caramel covered kitchen.

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