Super Coupon Woman Helps People in Need
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Super Coupon Woman Helps People in Need

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Clipping CouponsIf extreme couponing had a superhero, it just might be Super Coupon Woman! She uses her powers of getting great deals to help out people who are in need. This is a “pay it forward” story that can use your help.

Tina Klein (also known as Super Coupon Woman) started the Super Coupon Woman Foundation after she and her family went through some hard times. When she was newly divorced, and her children were young, her family needed some financial assistance to get them the basic necessities of life.

To her surprise, random people from her community stepped up to help out. Some helped her pay an electric or water bill right before those resources were about to be shut off. She received food stamp assistance for a short while. Someone chose her children’s names of a tree and purchased gifts for them so they could have a better Christmas.

The Super Coupon Woman Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, was her way of “paying it forward” after she got back on her feet. In 2008, she gave couponing another try and learned how to be really effective at it. In 2010, she started challenges that couponers from around the world could participate in by donating to local food pantries.

Since 2009, Super Coupon Woman has been able to give back over $50,000 to the people in her community who were in need. She says this is thanks to the power of coupons. Her extreme couponing skills have helped her to help others.

You can help the Super Coupon Woman Foundation to help people who are in need. One way to do that is to participate in the $100,000 Coupon Challenge. The goal is for couponers across the United States to donate to their local food pantries.

If you want to help, the first thing you should do is “like” the Facebook page that is connected to the challenge. Post photos and include your totals of your donations throughout the year so your contribution can be added to the total. The Facebook page is also a good place to ask any questions you may have about the challenge.

Another way to participate is to make a donation to the Super Coupon Woman Foundation. No donation is too small. They are in need of sponsors, too. Do you have your own “pay it forward” story? You can share it on the Super Coupon Woman Foundation website.

Does the Super Coupon Woman Foundation inspire you? You can use that inspiration to start your own super couponing project. Challenge yourself to use coupons and donate foods to your local food pantries.

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