Stock Up With Huge Holiday Sales
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Stock Up With Huge Holiday Sales

Posted on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at 1:39 pm
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It can feel really good to give holiday gifts to your family and friends.  Unfortunately, this isn’t so great for your budget.  January is a time when many families find themselves struggling to pay off credit card bills that were run up during the holidays.  One way to save money in January is to take advantage of huge holiday sales that are happening right now.

The holidays bring huge grocery sales. Since so many families are buying large quantities of food for their holiday dinners, manufacturers can sell their products to a store at a lower price but the store will have to bring in a higher volume of product.  This is why we see such great sales over the holidays.  Take advantage!  Stock up on those deeply discounted items: cream of mushroom soup, gravy, stuffing, pie, canned vegetables…… Use your coupons to match up with these sale items and save big!

Starbucks gift cards make great holiday gifts.  If you are planning on buying a few for your internet savvy family members then you may want to purchase a Starbucks Card eGift instead.  Basically, this is a virtual gift card that they will get in their email.  To use the gift card, they can have the Starbucks barista scan it off of their smartphone.  Use your Visa card to purchase 4 Starbucks Card eGifts.  This will get you a free $5.00 Starbucks Card eGift for yourself to use whenever you want.

If your family eats a lot of cereal, I would recommend signing up at, so you can access their coupons.  You can find coupons for a variety of Kellogg’s cereals, Kellogg’s Eggo waffles, Kellogg’s pop tarts, and more.  Use those coupons when you notice that the same thing is already on sale at your local grocery store.

For example, there is a coupon on the Kellogg’s website right now that will save you $1.00 off any three packages of Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles.  The Ralph’s grocery store has Kellogg’s Eggo waffles on sale for $4.99, (if you have the Ralph’s card).  Stock up, and store them in your freezer!  That should get your family through breakfast for at least a few weeks in January.

Does your family drink a lot of soda?  If they aren’t super attached to a particular brand, then there is a way to stock up on soda and save money at the same time.  Jewel and Vons both offer periodic deals where either varieties of Coke, or varieties of Pepsi, are on sale.

For example, right now Jewel has 3 cases of Pepsi products (12 packs), for $10.00, (with the Preferred Card).  Vons usually has a Buy Two Get Two Free sale on soda.  These sales tend to fluctuate between the two major brands, and you cannot mix and match both Coke and Pepsi.  It has to be one, or the other, depending on the sale.  My husband and I have saved money by paying attention to these soda sales.  They are a great way to stock up!

Everyone needs toilet paper!  Target has a coupon on their website that will save you $1.00 off any two packages of Scott bath tissue, paper towels, or napkins.  Walmart has Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper, (12 pack) for $7.97.  That should help you stock up on enough to get your family through January, when money may be tight.

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