Start Planning Ahead for Christmas
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Start Planning Ahead for Christmas

Posted on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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You can save money on the gifts you need to buy, and the holiday decorations, if you plan ahead. Check the sales and use your coupons for better savings.It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas. The sooner you start planning out what you need to buy as gifts, the better chance you have of finding a way to save money on it. Whether you are in need of big ticket items, stocking stuffers or holiday decorations, now is the time to buy them.

How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday
This year, a lot of stores started their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals the day after Halloween. If you aren’t looking for the newest, hottest, item, you might be able to get it at a discount without having to brave the crowds on Thanksgiving Day. Many stores have special deals on shipping if you buy things from their website (instead of walking into the store).

Start by picking out a few stores that carry the item you want. Compare the prices. Don’t forget to consider the discount each store offers. Store loyalty cards can give you some “extra” savings. Pay close attention to when the sale ends. It can be incredibly disappointing to miss the sale on what you wanted to buy.

Christmas Decorations
Every year, Michael’s has a fantastic sale on Christmas trees. Do you need a new one this year? The same store also has great sales on Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gift items. Visit their website for Daily Deals (which could be just about anything) and print out some of their coupons while you are there.

Target also has sales on Christmas trees and indoor Christmas décor. Be sure to visit their website and check for coupons on holiday items before you shop. You might be able to get a bigger savings if you add the Christmas items you want to buy to their Cartwheel app. Try using your Red Card to save even more.

Stocking Stuffers
Gift cards are the “go-to” item for gift giving. You can put the amount you want on the gift card and let a friend or family member pick out something nice for themselves. Check out to see if they have any gift cards you are interested in. It is a website (with a new iOS app) where you can buy discounted gift cards.

Another option is to find out if a particular store has a gift card deal. For example, they might give you a free gift card if you spend a certain amount of money (on specific types of items). This can work out well if you were planning to buy those kinds of items anyway. If all else fails, use the free gift card as a “stocking stuffer”.

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