St. Patrick's Day Parade Safety Tips
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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Safety Tips

Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Safety Tips | FreeCoupons.comThe annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is a tradition that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, it can also be a big distraction that thieves will take advantage of. There are ways to prevent having to spend money to replace or repair stolen or broken items. Here are some safety tips to follow to make your St. Patrick’s Day parade watching experience an enjoyable one.

Lock your Vehicle
Everyone is busy watching the parade. That’s when thieves peruse the parking lots in the hopes of being able to steal valuable items that people left in their vehicles. No one wants to have to replace an expensive item that was stolen from them.

Make sure that all the doors of your vehicle are locked before you leave the parking lot. Doing so makes it that much harder for a thief to get into your car or truck. That may be enough to make a thief consider selecting a different vehicle.

Another option is to take your valuable items (like your smartphone, tablet, or GPS device) with you to the parade. Put them into a bag that can be zippered shut. Some people prefer to put devices into the glove compartment where they won’t be seen by thieves. The best advice, of course, is to just leave those things at home!

There’s another good reason to make sure your vehicle is securely locked long after the parade is over. Many people choose to consume a lot of alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day. An inebriated person could mistake your car for his own, or be inspired to get in and cause some shenanigans. If you are able, park your vehicle in your garage and make sure the garage is locked.

Lock your Home
If everyone in town is watching the parade – that means the nobody is home. Thieves try and take advantage of this by breaking and entering people’s homes during the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Obviously, they are hoping to find expensive stuff that they can steal and try to re-sell.

Lock your home before you leave for the parade. Use the deadbolts. Turn on your security alarm. Ask a trusted neighbor, who is not going to attend the parade, to keep an eye on your home while you are gone.

Drive Safe
The weekend of St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent time to practice defensive driving. There could be people on the road who have had too much alcohol to drink. Pay very close attention to what’s happening on the road around you. Turn off the music you might normally listen to while driving. Make sure everyone in your vehicle wears his or her seatbelt. You might be able to avoid getting into an accident.

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