Snap by Groupon Gives You Cash Back on Groceries
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Snap by Groupon Gives You Cash Back on Groceries

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2015 at 8:36 pm
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groceriesIt is wonderful when you find ways to save money on groceries. For many people, coupons are the way to go. Other people, however, would prefer not to have to bother with coupons at all. How can they save money on groceries? One option is to use Snap by Groupon. It gives you cash back on groceries.

Snap by Groupon is an app that goes on your phone. It is available at the App Store and on Google Play. Snap by Groupon, as you may have guessed, was created by Groupon. The purpose of Snap is to help shoppers everywhere get a great deal at the grocery store. The app allows consumers to say goodbye to paper coupons.

Snap by Groupon works differently from Groupon itself. It is specifically focused on everyday grocery purchases. That doesn’t mean you need to use the Snap by Groupon app every single day. Instead, it means that the grocery purchases that count are ones that you would typically purchase anyway, even if you were not using this app. It also means that there are new offers every day. You cannot log into Snap by Groupon via your Groupon account.

You can shop at any grocery store you like. The Snap by Groupon app is not tied to any specific store. The app enables you to earn cash back on the groceries that you buy – if you follow the directions on how to use the app itself.

First, you need to download Snap by Groupon onto your phone. Or, you can use the Snap by Groupon website if you prefer. It is possible that you will find it more convenient to use the app on your phone than to visit the website.

Either way, the next thing you should do is browse through the current offers that Snap by Groupon has. Do this before you shop for groceries. Find out what products are being promoted, and then select those brands when you do your grocery shopping. Products that are not prompted will not count.

The most important thing is to snap a photo of your receipt after you are finished shopping. One photo is sufficient to allow you to redeem multiple offers (that are all on that one receipt). Make sure that the photo you take of your receipt is clear and easily readable.

When you have earned $20 or more in cash back, it is time for you to request a payment. You can do that from your account page at Snap by Groupon. Let them know you want to “cash out”. Typically, payments are distributed within two weeks of the request (but it can sometimes take up to 60 days).

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