Simple Tips to Help You Organize a Suitcase
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Simple Tips to Help You Organize a Suitcase

Posted on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Use some of these simple tips to help you organize a suitcase.  Traveling can be expensive. Packing for your trip can be a difficult task. Not everyone is skilled at making the most of the space in their suitcases. Here are some tips that can help you to organize a suitcase. Use these ideas to make your trip go a little bit better!

Easy Ways to Organize a Suitcase

Plan Ahead
Don’t wait until the night before your vacation begins to start packing your suitcases. The time limit you place upon yourself will make packing into a frantic, anxious, experience. You are bound to forget some important item in your rush to get ready.

Instead, start a few days ahead of time. Make a list of all the things you need to take with you. Check off each item as you place it in your suitcase. This tip can help you avoid having to spend money on things you forgot to bring with you.

Roll your Clothing
If you want to maximize the space in your suitcase, you should roll your clothing instead of folding it. They will take up less space that way. Rolling your clothes also prevents wrinkles!

Secure the Small Items
Pick up a jewelry organizer that has zippered pockets and that can be rolled up. Put your shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and other grooming items in a clear, plastic, bag that can be sealed. There are special organizers made for that purpose, or you could just use a large, resealable, freezer bag.

You can easily see what is inside (and so can the TSA screeners who check luggage). If anything leaks, the plastic, sealed, bag should prevent it from spreading all over your clean clothing. Use sample sizes, instead of the larger versions, to save space and fit the rules of the airline you are traveling on.

Pack Light
Do not attempt to bring your entire closet of clothing with you. Instead, figure out what you really need. Vacations may require swimwear, sandals, and beach towels. Business trips could require suits and dress shoes. Avoid the temptation to pack clothing “just in case” you might need it. Consider washing your clothes while you are traveling. You can pack less clothing that way!

You can probably wear a pair of jeans more than once. Select soft clothing, like yoga pants or sweats, to wear on the plane. They can double as pajamas! Leave some extra space in your suitcase. You might want to buy some souvenirs.

Bring some Plastic Bags
Put shoes into plastic bags. This prevents the dirt on the shoes from getting on clean clothes. Put clothing that needs to be washed into a plastic bag to easily separate it from the clean ones. Wet swimwear can go in a plastic bag.

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