Show Your Children the Importance (and fun) of Couponing
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Show Your Children the Importance (and fun) of Couponing

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012 at 9:01 am
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People who use coupons know that it saves them money.  Many people get enjoyment, or excitement, from saving tons of money with coupons.  Your children, however, might not easily grasp why you are so interested in coupons.  Try using a hands on method that will help them to understand why couponing is both important and fun.

Children learn by doing.  This is especially true for young children.  You can explain that a coupon is useful because it saves you money on the product you purchase.  However, if the child doesn’t have a good grasp of how much things cost, or how much can be saved with coupons, they might not get why you enjoy using coupons all the time.

You are going to need to break the whole couponing process down into smaller, easier to understand, pieces for your child.  One way to start is to ask if your child wants to play a game that uses coupons.  Explain that your child will get to pick some coupons to use.  Then, you will both take a trip to the grocery store.

Let your child know that he or she will be able to keep the money that is saved by those coupons today.  Not all children understand how a coupon translates into savings.  All kids will get excited about the prospect of making some money, (especially if you put that money into their hand shortly after the shopping trip is over).

Next, you are going to need a pencil and a small notebook.  Have your child pick five coupons that he wants to use.  You could limit his or her choices to certain coupons that are already in your collection.  Or, if your child is older, then he or she could be ready to hunt for five coupons to use without your help.

Have your child write down the name of the product.  Then skip a line.  On the next line, write a minus sign, and the amount of money that the coupon saves.  Draw a line underneath it.  Leave the next line empty.  Your child now has five math problems that are waiting for a number to be entered into them.

As you shop for those items, make sure your child writes down what the price of each product would be if you didn’t use any coupons at all.  When you get home, it is time to do the math.  You can help your child, as needed.  Let him or her subtract the amount that the coupon saved you from the original price of each product.  Add up all of the answers.  Count out the money that was saved, and hand it to your child.  Savor the look of understanding that appears on your child’s face.



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