Problems with Printable Coupons
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Problems with Printable Coupons

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 at 5:33 am
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Lower Your Grocery Bill with Printable Coupons

Lower Your Grocery Bill with Printable Coupons

What good are printable coupons if the your store won’t take them? Read more for some solutions to this problem!

It can be really frustrating if you go to the trouble of finding some really good Internet printable coupons that you can’t use. it takes some time doing the match ups and making sure that you get most of your items for free or really inexpensively. To then be faced at the checkout with a huge bill when the store doesn’t take the coupons can make the best of us upset.

You can avoid all of that stress if you know how to deal with problems that printable coupons present.

Why Won’t They Take Them?

Sometimes it helps to understand exactly why some stores or even just some cashiers won’t take printable coupons. The main reason is that they aren’t sure that these coupons are legitimate. Avoiding coupon fraud is big on the store’s list of procedures.

When printable coupons first came out, many people abused them, either making up coupons using the brand logo or altering real existing printable coupons to get better deals or free items. Stores lost a lot of money this way on coupons that couldn’t be redeemed with the manufacturers of the products.

How Can I Use Printable Coupons Successfully?

To use printable coupons successfully, keep the following strategies in mind.

  1. Print Directly from the store website. Many stores issue their own coupons. Target is a good example, but I’ve seen many printable coupons on traditional grocery store websites as well. because these coupons are generated by the store itself, they are easily honored.
  2. Shop around. If your store doesn’t take printable coupons or gives you a hard time about them, find a new store. You can also speak with the manager and tell him or her that you would like to shop there but will have to take your business elsewhere to XYZ store since it does honor the printable coupons.
  3. Find out the official coupon policy. Grab a copy of the official coupon policy (usually found online at the store’s website or in person at the customer service desk) and keep it with you. Many cashiers aren’t really familiar with the coupon policy and may reject coupons even if the store accepts them. If this happens, you can show the cashier the policy that says the coupons should be honored.
  4. Contact the manufacturer. Sometimes if you complain that an official coupon wasn’t accepted, the manufacturer of the product will send you traditional coupons that can be used in the store instead. In fact, I have heard that some people even get rebates on their products for the amount of the coupon or the full amount of the product directly from the manufacturer.Good Luck!

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